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The strategical selection partner in B2B environments.

We help B2B businesses to maximize their results through the selection of the best people for their environment

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b2b recruitment

The chief executives, sale forces and the marketing and human resources teams are the key figures in B2B. After seven years of research with chief executives, we have identified which b2b attributes possess the people with the best results in each job.

Strategic positions

How should a B2B Director General conceive the business?

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What are the keys that should govern sales profiles in B2B?

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What are the objectives of Marketing in B2B and what qualities do the most suitable people have?

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What are the objectives of Marketing in B2B and what qualities do the most suitable people have?

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Recommendations from customers

Ignacio is one of those persons who transmit energy. His strength pushes him to reconsider the established guidelines and to risk himself with new approaches which offer a great added value. He is a great partner to help you turn your company upside down.
Alfredo Escobar
CEO at Oceanis
b2b recruitment Alfredo Escobar Oceanis
Ignacio combines a great experience in the selection world with a commercial and entrepreneurial spirit. His ability arises from that spirit to improve the way in which the businesses use their human resources in order to grow and innovate. The best part is that he experiences it in first person and helps a team of leaders to change the world”.
Alfonso Roig
General Director at Stay Relevant
b2b recruitment Alfonso Roig Stay Relevant
Ignacio and his company know how to get to the DNA of each organisation, adding to such selection those details which make a difference: a vital process for each company. A good selection saves time and money.
Tomás Junquera
Founder and CEO at Thomas Wellness Group
b2b recruitment Tomas Junquera Thomas Wellness Group
In five years, Ignacio Barriendos went from being an intern in Olmeda Orígenes to our adviser and consultant. It is hard to find people who know their job so well and who show genuine enthusiasm for their projects. Their seminaries and courses are so extraordinary  that completely change the way of thinking of the entrepreneurs placing value on the strengths and weaknesses of the companies. His extraordinary generosity, loyalty and character make him a great ally in recruiting the appropriate candidates for each organisation”
Jesús Peláez
General Director at Olmeda Orígenes
b2b recruitment Jesus Pelaez Olmeda Origenes
Although I believe that wisdom is acquired through experience and with the passage of time, Ignacio is the wisest young man I know
Jesús Beltejar
Iberia Human Resources Director at Crown Holdings Inc.
b2b recruitment Jesus Beltejar Crown-Holdings
“Ignacio is pure passion, confidence, empathy and determination at a personal level”. It’s a real pleasure to team with him. Such qualities are transmitted to all of his professional aspects”.
Lluis Salvadó
General Manager at Hypnos Anestesiòlegs
b2b recruitment Lluis Salvado Hypnos Anestesiolegs
As Executive Vice President of Future Pipe Industries, I had the opportunity to work with Ignacio for B2B executives in the industrial field. At that time, the company faced significant challenges and it was essential to fill vacancies with professionals who could contribute quickly and efficiently to the work of the company. Ignacio immediately contacted me and we used the time necessary to understand and define the profiles we were looking for. I was impressed with his knowledge and understanding of the B2B environment. During the selection process, he was always present and, in addition, very committed to the process and selection. As a client, I received a very professional treatment. In the end we covered the positions in a very short time and the candidates always gave satisfaction. There is no doubt that I would recommend Ignacio in any situation where it was necessary to sign managers for a B2B company.
Jean Andre Barbosa
Partner at Sokolova & Barbosa SCP
b2b recruitment Jean-Andre Barbosa Future Pipe Industries
“Ignacio always manages to get the client work with the objective of improving his immediate future”. 
Carlos Mazorra
Sales General Director at Teide
b2b recruitment Carlos Mazorra Teide
One of the main qualities of Ignacio is his integrity, a perfect coherence between what he thinks, says and does, this allows him to be a true leader in any of his areas, personal and professional, which combined with his other qualities of effort, enthusiasm and Life purpose, make it a successful person and professional.
Josefa Jiménez
People and Organizational Development Director at Auxiliar Conservera
“Ignacio asked me three questions and I knew that we had taken a huge step forward”.
Flavia Davila
Business Development Manager at Altius USA Corp.
I was Ignacio’s candidate for a directive position 7 years ago and I already knew that I had Headhunter for life. Since then I am a client
Eduardo Requena
Director at Estel Ingeniería
Ignacio has been actively listening and analyzing different cases and experiences of B2B sales in many years and has managed to find the common points and strengths that have generated success stories, and also the weaknesses that should be avoided and serve as learning. His Project is based in authentic best practices that are of great help to the managers of companies whose clients are other companies with their own objectives that they must comply with based on the product, service or solution they receive. Carlos Otero, Automotive Industries and Services Manager
Carlos Otero Scandella
General Director & Development at Negocios & Proyectos
“In my family business it was considered a superfluous expense to ask for help in finding people; however, now I’m conscious that by limiting ourselves to our circle we were constraining our future as a business”.
Verena Mulder
Dirección adjunta en Mycsa Mulder
““I had the opportunity to work with Ignacio twice. Ignacio is a kind, direct person. He knows how to put himself in the position of those who seek their professional services with a great capacity to understand what the client needs. He stands out for his understanding about the people, environments, organisational cultures and capacities that really count when incorporating people within an organisation”.
Juan Jiménez Rodríguez
Director at Teatros Luchana